During the past 15 years, Adin has followed several research studies conducted in order to discover the optimal implant surface treatment.
Proper implant surface is needed to attain correct surface roughness and highest purity levels in order to achieve optimal osseointegration, increase the success rate of Bone to Implant Contact (BIC), increase the healing process and growth tissue around the implant while eliminating possibilities of infections post-surgery.
Adin Dental Implant Systems has developed a highly successful implant surface treatment, OsseoFix™.
OsseoFix™ is a pure titanium implant surface that uses calcium phosphate, a biocompatible resorbable blast media (RBM),
that is debris free and has proven to achieve the desired roughness levels needed for optimal osseointegration and attain highest implant surface purity levels.
The chemical composition of the OsseoFix™ surface is enriched with Calcium, Phosphor and Oxygen.
The OsseoFix™ is biocompatible and osseoconductive.

OsseoFix™ surface treatment advantages:

  • Biocompatible resorbable material creates a pure and clean surface texture
  • Accelerates the healing process
  • Increases optimal osseointegration
  • Increases long term success

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The AB/AE – Alumina Oxide Blasted / Acid-Etched surface treatment is a commonly used method.
AB/AE has roughened micro- and nano-structure surface topography.
This structure leads to optimal cell adherence and proliferation in the cavities of the roughened implant surface, significantly increasing the number of cells attached to the surface.
The AB/AE technique is considered the industry standard and has been copied by many implant companies.
This surface treatment attributes to a shorter healing time, and boasts a 98.8% success rate.

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