NSK Pana-Max2

NSK Pana-Max2


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Pana – Max2 offers much more strength and power than previous models , while being as easy to handle as their predecessors. Its sleek design provides maximum visibility of the working field and optimal accessibility to all of the buccal cavity atheistic .

Insuperable Durability:

  • – Thanks to the design of the Pana-Max2 resistant head, the rotor of the turbine will not be hurt even if the handpiece is dropped from a height of two meters (6.5ft.) against a cement floor.

30% More Powerful:

  • – Pana – max2 is dramatically more powerful than its predecessors thanks to the combination of simulation technologies of NSK air turbines . With a maximum power of 20 watts , this new model has a maximum rated power in its category . This concentrated power , along with high precision bur rotation, creates a synergistic effect that ensures fast and accurate treatments.

More Features:

  • – Thin and Slim Stainless Steel Body
  • – NSK Ultra Push Button Chuck
  • – Easily Replaceable Cartridges
  • – Simple Spray

Standard Head:

  • – Speed: 380.000~480.000 min-1
  • – Head Size: Ø11.2 x H13.4mm
  • – Borden 2 holes: P1155
  • – Midwest 4 holes: P1154
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