FGM Whitepost Fiberglass Post Kit

FGM Whitepost Fiberglass Post Kit


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– Double-taper design.

Leading to a better fit and less need for dental wear, corresponding to the anatomy of the tooth after endodontic treatment with the most modern drills.

– Highly esthetic, practically colorless and translucent.

Ideal for cases where esthetics is essential, excellent light transmission, assisting in the photopolymerization of the cement.

– Radiopaque.

Allowing for X-ray follow-up.

– Exclusive drills.

Specific drills for each size of post available, which leads to a customized root preparation for each condition.

– High safety.

Modulus of elasticity similar to dentin.

Includes: (25) Posts (5 different sizes) + (5) Drills

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