Crosstex Sparkle ProphyAngles

Crosstex Sparkle ProphyAngles


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After consulting with hundreds of hygienists about what they liked, and disliked about most prophy angles, Crosstex created Sparkle – a smoother-running prophy angle with a brighter, more visible body and higher contrast soft cups.

Beveled gear ensures smoother running angle that won’t lock up or overheat. Flared design to improve sub gingival access and reduces splatter to minimize cross-contamination.


Patented 2nd Generation Beveled Gear Design For Superior Performance

  • – Smooth-Running
  • – Vibration-Free
  • – No Noise
  • – No Over-Heating
  • – Non-Locking

Improved Cup

  • – Dark Colored Soft Cups – Better visibility and contrast with teeth
  • – Perfect Cup Flare – Improves subgingival access
  • – Reduced Splatter – Helps minimize cross contamination
  • – 100% Latex-Free

A More Ergonomic Design

  • – Non-Slip Contour – Reduces hand fatigue and micro-traumas
  • – Light Colored Shell – For improved visibility in the mouth

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