Beyes Maxso® M200E Smart Handpiece

Beyes Maxso® M200E Smart Handpiece


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Beyes Maxso M200E Smart BANNER

The Maxso M200E Smart is the most economical air driven handpiece in the market, constructed with high quality materials and craftsmanship. It is designed to perform, last and meet all the daily operative needs. It has been a great product for dealers to compete with direct sale companies, capturing the price-conscious customer.

Single Spray

A precise spray ensures the best cooling effect at the treatment site.

Beyes Maxso M200E Smart HEAD hole

Push Button

The simple operation of the push-button chucking system allows quick bur change.

Beyes Maxso M200E Smart PUSH BUTTON hole

Stainless Steel

Advanced technologies and materials result in long-lasting life.

Beyes Maxso M200E Smart BARINGS hole

Noise Level

Effective frequency optimization ensures a pleasant and low turbine noise.

Beyes Maxso M200E Smart NOISE LEVEL

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