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PentOS OI™ Max Allograft

PentOS OI™ Max is a 100% Allograft Hydratable Inductive Matrix.

You can create your customized osteoinductive graft by combining PentOS OI™ Max, a 100% allograft Inductive Collagen Matrix (ICM) with your choice of blood, BMA, PRP, I-PRF, or simply saline to form a moldable graft which:
– is cell friendly
– independent laboratory in vitro studies show to be able to maintain between 96% and 116% cell viability after 72 hours.

Pentos OI™ Max is an osteoinductive matrix – not diluted by any carriers.

Features and Benefits:

– Mixed graft can be extruded through a syringe
– Demonstrated Osteoinductivity
– up to 40x native BMP vs the BMP-2 control
– each lot historically demonstrates all 5 elements of bone formation
– Demonstrated Osteoconductivity
– pH balance – non cytotoxic
– Shown to form bone post-sterilization in-vivo
– Resists copious irrigation
– 5 year shelf life a ambient storage


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