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NSK Endo Mate TC2

NSK Endo Mate TC2

A cordless Endodontic Rotery Motor with torque control and automatic reverse function. Work smarter and safer with freedom of movement.


A large LCD, simple 5-key operation and a lightweight, cordless handpiece assure easy use even during the most delicate Endodontic procedures. The Auto Reverse & Alarm Function alerts you with an audible sound to let you know that the load is about to reach the preset torque level allowing you to unload the file even before the Auto Reverse is setting in. 5 programs for different file systems. TC2 supports most major brands of Ni-Ti files.


Complete Set (mfg: Y1001036)

  • – MP-16R Head
  • – Endo-Mate TC2 Motor
  • – Battery Charger


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