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Jun-Air Compressor 6-25

Jun-Air Compressor 6-25

Model: 6-25

Standard receivers are internally coated to resist corrosion. The first number in the description represents the compressor motor size, while the second represents the receiver size in Liters (if a receiver is used).


-Easy to operate, minimum maintenance
-Handy and easily portable
-Compact and rugged
-Anti-corrosion treated valve plate
-Best-in-class, long-life synthetic oil

Technical Specifications:

-Model 6 System Type:  Base Unit
-Market:  Industrial / Lab
-Displacement (50 Hz):  1.77 cfm (50 l/min)
-Displacement (60 Hz):  2.12 cfm (60 l/min)
-FAD @ Max Pressure (50 Hz):  1.13 cfm (32 l/min)
-FAD @ Max Pressure (60 Hz):  1.31 cfm (37 l/min)
-Max Pressure:  120 psig (8 bar)
-Tank Size: 6.6 gal (25 litres)
-Noise Level (50 Hz):  45 dB(A)
-Noise Level (60 Hz):  45 dB(A)




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