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Crosstex Chair Sleeve

Crosstex Chair Sleeve

Universal, clear ½ chair sleeve for patient chairs.

Covers chair back and chair controls. Reduces risk of cross-contamination from airborne aerosoles. Easily slides on an off.

Surface barriers reduce the risk of cross contamination caused by airborne aerosols, splash and spatter. The most common surfaces easily protected by surface barriers are:
1. Touch Surfaces: usually contaminated by staff during a procedure.
2. Transfer Surfaces: not touched directly by the dental staff, but usually contacted by contaminated instruments.
3. Splash, Spatter & Aerosol Surfaces: comprise all surfaces in the operatory not classified as touch or transfer surfaces. Examples include dental chairs, x-ray heads, view boxes, unused countertop areas.

Size: 27.5″ x 24″ (70 x 61 cm)





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