Super Snap Rainbow Technique Kit

Super-Snap Rainbow Technique Kit

Super-Snap Rainbow Technique Kit

Shofu® Super-Snap Rainbow Technique Polishing System is a comprehensive disposable disk system for fast, efficient, safe finishing and polishing of all direct aesthetic restorative materials.


• The unmounted Super-Snap Disks are designed with soft, safe plastic snap-on mounts for mandrels.

• Non-metal center to prevent gouging or discoloration of composite surfaces.

• Improved mandrel design with christmas tree shaped mount for retention and maximum control.

• Mini disks provide perfect control when polishing cervical areas.

• Disks are available in 4 different colour coded grits in 12mm & 8mm diameter:

  • – Black – for Contouring
  • – Violet – for finishing
  • – Green – for polishing
  • – Red – for Superpolishing


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Price: $79.95
Super-Snap Refill

Super-Snap® Polishing Discs Refill

Super-Snap® Polishing Discs Refill

50 pcs/box

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Price: $19.99
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TempBond NE

TempBond NE

Temp-Bond  NE is a non-eugenol temporary cement that will not inhibit the polymerization of permanent resin cements and acrylic temporaries. TempBond NEand TempBond are available in tube delivery.


  • 1 Tube Base (50g)
  • 1 Tube Accelerator (15g)
  • Mixing Pads


Price: $37.99