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Sale! Endo Smart Endodontic Motor

Endo Smart Endodontic Motor

Endodontic Motor.



  • Auto Reverse on/off functions
  • Torque setting: 0.6~6.4Ncm (changeable by Gear Ratio)
  • Slim & Compact



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Sale! Meta Biomed iRoot

iRoot Apex Locator

iRoot is the 5th generation Apex Locator by dual frequency type. i-Root can measure the apical constriction exactly without mismeasurement.

  • iRoot is developed & upgraded based on the technology of e-Magic Finder (EMF-100 Series) Apex Locator.


  • Advantages:
  • Best accuracy in any root canal condition (Dry, Bleeding, Wet, Silane, EDTA, NaOCI or Chlorexidine etc..)
  • Simultaneous visual and sound measurement
  • Color display
  • Stylish and ergonomic design
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Self test for the system checking
  • Auto power off funciton
  • Stable and durable in wide range of condition


  • Specifications: 
  • Dimensions: 110(W) x 100(D) x 117mm(H)
  • Screen: 79(W) x 70mm(D)
  • Battery: AA Battery (3ea)
  • Continuous use: 60 hours
  • AC-Adapter: AC100~240V, (50~60Hz)
  • Weight: 390g


  • Components:
  • (1) i-Root main unit
  • (1) Probe Cord
  • (1) File Holder A
  • (1) File Holder B
  • (5) Lip Clips


* Drop shipped from Manufacturer *



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Meta Biomed MD Cleanser

MD Cleanser 17% EDTA Solution

MD-Cleanser 17% EDTA Solution


  • Presence of calcification in the canal
  • Narrow canals on posterior teeth
  • Smear layer removal



  • Removal of inorganic substances by chelation (EDTA-Ca2)
  • Easier instrumentation by softening dentin canal wall
  • Produces the cleanest dentinal walls after smear layer remover



  • MD Cleanser: 100 ml
  • 1 cc Syringe
  • Disposable Tips
Price: $11.99
Meta Biomed Adseal

Meta Adseal Root Canal Sealer

Meta Adseal Root Canal Sealer

Adseal is a resin-based root canal sealer that offers excellent biocompatibility in an easy-to-mix paste. It features hermetic sealing ability and good radiopacity. Adseal is insoluble in tissue fluids and is non-staining to the teeth.

Adseal comes in a 13.5g dual syringe with 9g base (epoxy resin and Calcium Phosphate) and 4.5g catalyst (Amines and Bismuth subcarbonate).

Simply mix base and catalyst in a 2:1 ratio and insert into dry canal with lentulo spiral or obturation points.


  • Base:
    • Epoxy oligomer resin
    • Ethylene Glycol Salicylate
    • Bismuth Subcarbonate
    • Catalyst


  • Catalyst:
    • Poly Butanediol Aminobenzoate
    • Calcium Phosphate
    • Bismuth Subcarbonate



  • Excellent Biocompatibility
  • Easy to mix paste-paste
  • Hermic Sealing ability
  • Nonstaining to the teeth
  • Insoluble in tissue fluids
  • Good radiopacity



  • 13.5 gm Dual Syringe
  • Mixing Pads
  • Spatula


Price: $32.00
Metabiomed Metapex



Calcium Hydroxide Rootcanal Filling Material with Iodoform.


Weeping canal.

Formation of a hard tissue barrier (Apexification).

Root canal filling for deciduous teeth.

Internal & external root resorption.



Excellent antibacterial effect and radiopacity.

Premixed paste.

Syringe type for easy delivery of the paste into the canal.

Disposable tips for prevention of cross-contamination.



1 Syringe – 2.2g of paste

20 Disposable tips

1 Ring for direction control of the tip

Price: $24.99
Nexcomp Refill Syringe

Nexcomp Refill

– Nano hybrid composite resin for anterior and posterior restoration.
– Low shrinkage rate for superior marginal integrity.
– Excellent sculpt-ability for restoring natural shade and functionality.
– Non-sticky and non-slumping

4g. Refill Syringe

Price: $21.49
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