Whip-Mix Articulator 2240 with Facebow 8645

Whip-Mix Articulator 2240 with Facebow 8645

The MODEL 2240 features the “Accumount” Mounting System interchanging mounted casts between articulators. The MODEL 2240’s ergonomic frame design offers:

– Interframe spacing of over 4 inches allowing easy mounting of even the bulkiest casts
– Rounded edges and frame corners for enhanced visibility and posterior access
– Bilateral elastics provide optimum feel during excursive movements and can be easily detached to remove the upper frame
– Quick-acting centric lock allows easy return of the articulator to centric position and simple hinge movement
– Upper frame which can easily be set at an open position for convenience during laboratory procedures

  • Condylar guidance featuring:
    – Adjustable condylar inclination with curved eminentia
    – Immediate side shift
    – Fixed intercondylar distance of 110 mm


Model 8645 “QUICKMOUNT” FACE-BOWS provide a convenient, quick and accurate method of securing an axis location without the use of expensive equipment and time-consuming techniques. Employing as the three reference points, the two external auditory meatus of the ears and the bridge of the nose, no measurements or markings on the patient are needed. The self-centering caliper design is easily adjusted, and the nasion relator utilizes the bridge of the nose to obtain an accurate and reproducible anterior reference. The MODEL 8645 FACE-BOW is compatible with all Whip Mix Articulators, and allows for the recording of an approximate intercondylar distance. The MODEL 8645 utilizes “T” screws that are tightened by hand, which are a convenient and time-saving feature.

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White Mounted Stones

White Mounted Stones

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Used for semi-precious and non-precious alloys.

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