Denture Kit

Denture Kit

This Complete Denture Kit comes with all the pre-proportioned materials needed to make a complete denture (superior and inferior) for one patient.


·         –1 Base Plate (Superior)

·         –1 Base Plate (Inferior)

·         –2 Base Plate Wax

·         –2 Bite wax

·         –1 Impression Tray (Superior)

·         –1 Impression Tray (Inferior)

·         –1 Separating Liquid Foil

·         –1 Liquid Acrylic

·         –2 Latex Gloves

·         –1 Acrylic Powder

·         –1 Yellow Lab Stone

·         –1 Alginate

·         –1 Full Set of Teeth

Price: $64.99

Donegan DA-7 OptiVisor

Donegan DA-7 OptiVisor

  • 2.75 Magnification
  • 6″ Focal Length

Made in USA



Price: $39.99
OptiVISOR Light

Donegan LT-06 VisorLight

Donegan LT-06 VisorLight

Donegan Visor Light for the OptiVisor.

6,000 candle power

10″ cord


Price: $19.99
Zhermack Elite HD+ Putty

Elite HD+ Putty Soft Normal Set

Elite HD+ Putty Soft Normal Set


  • High deformation strength
  • Excellent elastic recovery
  • High dimensional stability


  • Final hardness: 60 Shore A
  • Ideal working time/setting time ratio (Snap-set effect):
  • Long working time
  • Shorter permanence in the oral cavity
  • Biocompatible
  • Orange colour
  •  250mL x 2 (mfg: C203000)



Price: $55.95

Flask Press

Flask Press

Chrome Flask Press is for pressing a single flask. This Flask Press can be mounted on a working table for more stability.

– L x W x H: 6.50″ x 3.25″ x 7″
– Inside L x W: 4.50″ x 5″
– Weight: 7 lb

Price: $49.99

Flexacryl Soft Denture Reline Acrylic Resin

Flexacryl Soft Denture Reline Acrylic Resin

Pink acrylic resin composed of ethyl methacrylate provides durability without irritating the soft tissue. The soft lining is more comfortable for the patient.  The preparation time is only about 30 minutes and it is the most durable exceeded Lang line.
Chemical composition is very aggressive which generates almost no exotherm. (does not sting or burn the patient).

Professional Package Includes:

– Flexacryl Soft Liquid (118ml)
– Flexacryl Powder (100g)
– Acrylic Powder (10ml)
– Mixing Cups
– Application Brushes
– Measuring Cups

Price: $56.99

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Flexible Acrylic Cups

Flexible Acrlyic Mixing Cups

Flexible Acrlyic Mixing Cups

Non-stick flexible acrylic cups are excellent for mixing material.




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Mixing Bowls

Flexible Mixing Bowls

Flexible Mixing Bowls

Flexible mixing bowls; excellent for alginate or plaster.


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Green Mounted Stones

Green Mounted Stones

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Excellent for detailing and finishing porcelain, gold, silver alloys, amalgam, and composites.


1 bur

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Hanau Alcohol Torch

Hanau Alcohol Torch

This Hanau Alcohol Torch is used as an alcohol lamp or as a blowtorch. The instrument is used to melt control the shape and flow of wax when taking impressions. Also the torches are used during the fabrication of dentures, setting up teeth, waxing, light soldering or even jewelry making. It can be used as a torch to create either a needle point or brush-type flame.

Price: $129.89