Impression Material


Cavex CA37 Alginate

Cavex CA37 Alginate

-Color: Pink

-Flavor/Scent: Peppermint

-Packaging: 500 gram pouch (I lb)

-Dust free

Price: $8.20
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Coltene Bite Wafers

Coltene Bite Wafers

A single layer of soft bite wax, U-shaped & designed to adapt to the dental arch. Gives quick, precise check-bites and occlusal transfers.


Aluminum foil is laminated between two layers of soft bite wax to lessen distortion & prevent patient from biting through wafer.


Non-brittle, will not shatter when chilled. Softens quickly in warm water and is shaped for full arch coverage.

Price: From: $21.99
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Zhermack Elite HD+ Putty

Elite HD+ Putty Soft Normal Set

Elite HD+ Putty Soft Normal Set


  • High deformation strength
  • Excellent elastic recovery
  • High dimensional stability


  • Final hardness: 60 Shore A
  • Ideal working time/setting time ratio (Snap-set effect):
  • Long working time
  • Shorter permanence in the oral cavity
  • Biocompatible
  • Orange colour
  •  250mL x 2 (mfg: C203000)



Price: $52.58
Flexitime Correct Flow

Flexitime® Correct Flow

Flexitime® is a vinylpolysiloxane impression material that has a full range of indications and a working time from 1 to 2.5 minutes (total set time 3.5 to 5 minutes).

– Superior hydrophilicity on a polyether level creates excellent detail reproduction in moist environments
– Resists tearing and distortion upon removal with Flexitime’s exceptional toughness
– Read impressions easily with high-contrast colors

(2) 1:1 Refill Cartridges

Price: $48.25
Kromatica Alginate

Kromatica Chromatic Alginate

Kromatica Chromatic Alginate

  • – Color changing and dust free.
  • – Flavor: Mint


Price: $7.20
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Mixing Tips

Mixing Tips

Mixing Tips

Superior quality mixing tips for impression material




Price: $32.99
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Mizzy Compound Sticks

Mizzy Impression Compund Sticks

Mizzy Impression Compund Sticks

Mizzy Compound Cakes & Sticks are pleasantly scented and flavored compound for taking full and partial impressions, and making preliminary impression trays.

Green Sticks:

  • – Has the most diverse working range
  • – Renders sharp details
  • – Will not fracture while trimming
  • – Chills evenly without warping
  • – Maximum contrast
  • – Working Temperature: 115˚F – 125˚F (46˚C – 52˚C)


15 sticks/box



Price: $23.50
Occlude Aerosol

Occlude Aerosol

<h2>Occlude Aerosol</h2>

Occlude Aerosol (Green) for Articulating Marking.

-Locates bite high spots, aids in seating crowns, bridges, and inlays.

-Clearly marks all tooth surfaces and all types of restorative materials.

-Contains artificial color. All components are safe for ingestion.

-No CFC’s

-Net Contents: 23 g


Price: $18.49

Plastic Impression Trays

Plastic Impression Trays

Disposable plastic impression trays in a variety of sizes.

1 bag of 12 trays (same size)

Price: $8.99
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Polybite Bite Registration Trays

Polybite Bite Registration Trays

Impression, counter impression, and bite registration; 3 in one disposable tray.

Price: $21.99
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