AH Plus Root Canal Sealer Material

AH Plus Root Canal Sealer is a two-component paste/paste root canal sealing material based on epoxy-amine resin.


Excellent radiopacity

Fast, easy mixing and dosage control

Durable, safe seal

Easy to remove


Silver free

No discoloring of teeth

Low shrinkage and low solubility



1 Tube Paste A, 4ml

1 Tube Paste B, 4ml

1 Mixing Pad

Price: $89.00

Barbed Broach

Barbed Broach

Barbed Broaches are for removing the pulp of a tooth or exploring its canal.

6 pack

Assorted, 21mm

Price: $7.99

Cavit G

Cavit G

3M Cavit G is a self-cured temporary sealing compound for the temporary restoration of cavities.



  • Proven filling material for temporary fillings.
  • Simple to apply with filling instrument.
  • Quick and void-free curing in a moist environment.
  • Slight expansion of the filling material ensures a well-sealed margin.


28 gm Jar

Price: $16.99
Clearfil™ S3 Bond Plus Light Cure Bonding Agent

Clearfil™ S3 Bond Plus Light Cure Bonding Agent

Clearfil S3 Bond Plus is a light-cure, self-etching, one-step, fluoride-releasing bonding agent. Based on the same progressive adhesive technologies from the gold standard Clearfil S3 Bond, you can expect minimal postoperative sensitivity. With its one-bottle liquid, Clearfil S3 Bond Plus dramatically simplifies bonding procedures. Along with Kuraray’s MDP technology, a new catalyst has been adopted; thereby, providing higher bond strength with improved working time.



  • – Swift and Simple: No-Shaking, No-Mixing, No Scrubbing, No Multiple Applications
  • – MDP Technology Provides a Water-Resistant Chemical Bond to Enamel and Dentin without Etching
  • – Perfect for Root Surface Treatment and Cavity Sealing
  • – Virtually No Post-Operative Sensitivity



  • – Fluoride-Releasing
  • – New Integrated Catalyst for Advanced Bond Strength
  • – Post Cementation and Dual-cure Core Build-Ups using Clearfil DC Core Plus



  • – Clearfil Bonding Agent
  • – Microapplicators
  • – Mixing wells


Price: $119.00

Coltosol F

Coltosol F

  • Provisional filling material
  • No light curing is needed
  • Sets with saliva for perfect marginal seal
  • Non-eugenol
  • Won’t affect final cementation
  • Radiopaque
  • Creamy consistency for easy adaptation in the cavitiy
  • No mixing
  • No waste of material with easy removal in large portions
  • Ideal surface hardness for posterior provisional fillings.



  • 5- 8 gm Syringes


Price: $31.99
Sale! Dental Dam

Crosstex Dental Dam, Natural Latex

Crosstex Dental Dam, Natural Latex

Reduced risk of latex allergy and offers high tear resistance.

  • – Powder Free
  • – Low Protein
  • – Non-Chlorinated
  • – Non-Sterile


Gauge: Medium

Flavor: Mint


  • 5″ x 5″ (52 sheets)
  • 6″ x 6″ (36 sheets)


Price: From: List price: $15.99 Discount: $12.49
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Crosstex Latex Free Dental Dam

Crosstex Latex Free Dental Dam

Latex-free and drastically reduces the risk of allergic reactions for the both patients and staff.

– 15 sheets/box
– Peppermint flavored
– 6″ x 6″
– Medium Gauge

Price: $19.95

Endo Ice Refrigerant Spray

Endo Ice Refrigerant Spray

Endo-Ice is applied to a cotton pellet for vitality check.

  • – Much colder than ice or ethyl chloride (-26.2°C)
  • – Includes directional spray extension
  • – Fresh spearmint scent
  • – No CFCs


Net Weight: 6 Oz.

Price: $22.89
Sale! Endo Smart Endodontic Motor

Endo Smart Endodontic Motor

Endodontic Motor.



  • Auto Reverse on/off functions
  • Torque setting: 0.6~6.4Ncm (changeable by Gear Ratio)
  • Slim & Compact



Price: List price: $990.00 Discount: $875.00

Endotek H-Files

Endotek H-Files

Price: $6.99
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