Sale! Mr.Thristy Refill 100pk

Mr.Thristy Refill 100pk

Mr.Thristy Refill 100pk

Bring an inexpensive and efficient product like Mr. Thirsty One-Step into your dental practice and experience a hands free isolation device that retracts, isolates, and evacuates!

100 pack

Price: List price: $225.00 Discount: $199.00
Sale! Nic Tone Dental Dam

Nic Tone Dental Dam

Nic Tone Dental Dam is a professional premium dental dam for the isolation of a single tooth or entire arch. Allows ample vision due to its contrasting color. It prevents cross contamination by preventing dental material and instruments from falling into oral cavity.


  • – Stretches up to 800% without tearing
  • – Low in proteins and powders
  • – Color contrasting
  • – Positive influence on the area of concentration
  • – Adjusts to the retraction of soft tissue
  • – Superior resistance and flexibility
  • – Made from refined latex


5″x5″ (52 sheets)

6″x6″ (36 sheets)

  • Color: Green
  • Thickness: Medium


Price: From: List price: $16.99 Discount: $13.49
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Non-Woven Dotted Bottom Shoe Cover

Non-Woven Shoe Covers

These shoe covers feature a thick SMS dotted skid-resistant bottom and strong, yet lightweight tops. They are ideal for pre-gowning entry rooms and less critical areas.

– Dotted-Bottom Soles – Thick SMS, skid-resistant dotted bottom
– SPP Top – strong, lightweight, and breathable spunbonded polypropylene (SPP) fabric that protects workers against dirt, and grime.
– Reduce accidental fall related workers’ compensation costs
– Superior, high quality stitching for maximum durability
– Sewn and packaged in controlled class 100 cleanroom environment
– Size: S/M, L/XL & 2XL
– Color: Blue, White,

300 pcs/bag

Price: $53.00
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Optragate 3D Retractor

OptraGate 3D Lip Retractor

OptraGate 3D Lip Retractor

OptraGate is an auxiliary aid that enables the treatment field to be enlarged easily, effectively and comfortably. It allows lips and cheeks to be retracted completely and ensures relative isolation.

In most cases, the retraction of the lips and cheeks with additional cumbersome equipment is not required. In addition, the lips are completely covered and therefore protected. The three-dimensional elasticity of the lip and cheek retractor allows unimpeded jaw movements during the entire procedure. Consequently, OptraGate can remain in place from the beginning right to the end of the procedure.

OptraGate is entirely latex-free and can therefore be used in patients with latex allergies. It can be simply and quickly inserted and removed by a single person without the need for additional assistance. OptraGate is available in two adult sizes: “Regular” and “Small”.



  • – Considerably Enlarged Access
  • – Enhanced Patient Comfort
  • – Wide Range of Indications



  • 80- retractors



Price: $121.99
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Plastic Dappen Dish

Plastic Dappen Dish




Price: $2.50
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Plastic Impression Trays

Plastic Impression Trays

Disposable plastic impression trays in a variety of sizes.

1 bag of 12 trays (same size)

Price: $8.99
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Polybite Bite Registration Trays

Polybite Bite Registration Trays

Impression, counter impression, and bite registration; 3 in one disposable tray.

Price: $21.99
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Prehma Micro Applicators

Prehma Micro Applicators

These applicators are non-linting, non-absorbent fibers arranged in a spherical shape hold solution in suspension, eliminating dripping spilling and waste. The bendable section of the applicator allows for precise application in areas that are difficult to reach. Ideal for Hemostatic solutions, Disclosing solutions, Sealants, Dycal applications, Etchants, Bonding agents, Cavity linings, and Fluoride varnishing.

100 per pack

Price: $7.99
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Latch R.A. Prophylaxis Cups

Prophylaxis Latch Polishing Cups

Prophylaxis Latch Polishing Cups

High elasticity, effective polishing and removal of stains.
· For cleaning and polishing.
· 6 Webbed
· Latch Type (R.A.)

144 Cups per Box

Price: $19.99
Comprecap Set

ROECO Comprecap Set, 150 assorted

ROECO Comprecap Set, 150 assorted

ROEKO Comprecap compression caps stop bleeding naturally by compression and control moisture. The use is simple and supports impression preparation regardless of the retraction technique.

Box assorted by 150 caps:

No 1: 1-7 mm

No 3: 3-10 mm

No 5: 5-12.5 mm


Price: $35.00