Crosstex Econoback Bibs

Crosstex Econoback Bibs

  • 2 Ply Tissue Plus Poly
  • Excellent Absorbency
  • Positive Moisture Barrier
  • 19″ x 13″ (48 x 33cm)

500 Bibs per Box

Price: $23.00
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Crosstex Headrest covers

Crosstex Jumbo Headrest Covers

Crosstex Jumbo Headrest Covers

Measures: 9.5″x 14″(24 x 36 cm)
Manufactured from clear, soft 1 mil thick polyethylene with a 3/8″ gusset.

Lays flat on headrest and provides impervious barrier between the patient the headrest.

250 covers x box


Price: $11.97
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Crosstex MaxVac Vented Evacuator Tips

Crosstex MaxVac Vented Evacuator Tips

  • High VoCrosstex MaxVac Vented Evacuator Tipslume Suction
  • 6 inches

Bag of 100

Price: $4.99
Crosstex Premium Non-Woven Sponges

Crosstex Premium Non-Woven Gauze

Crosstex Premium Non-Woven Gauze

Premium Non-Woven/Non-Sterile Sponges

Size: 2″ x 2″ / 5 x 5cm/ 4-Ply

200/ pkg.



Price: $5.50

Crosstex Premium® Saliva Ejectors

Crosstex Premium® Saliva Ejectors

Provides optimal suction without aspirating tissue. Soft, non-removable tip – bonded to the tube for maximum patient safety.

Wire-reinforced tube forms and maintains any desired shape.

Size: 6 inches

100 x pkg.


Price: $4.15
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Crosstex Face Masks

Crosstex Procedural Ear-Loop Face Masks

Crosstex Procedural Ear-Loop Face Masks

  • Inner and Outer Splash Resistant Layers
  • White Inner Layer for Sensitive Skin
  • High breath-ability
  • PFE Exceeds 99% at 1.0 Micron.


  • – ASTM LEVEL 2
  • – Meets En14683 Rating – Type IIR Standard
  • – Fluid Resistance – 120mmHg
  • – BFE>99.9%
  • – PFE=99.7% @ 0.1 Micron
  • – Delta P (breathablility)<5.0 H2O/cm²
  • – Flame Spread Class 1
  • – Extra long, aluminum nose piece


50 masks x box


Price: $8.95
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Crosstex Sani-Roll

Crosstex Sani-Roll

Crosstex Sani-Roll

Tubing is a convenient, economical way to package and process items – use only the length and width required.

Manufactured from medical grade paper, and blue tinted transparent film easily identifies compromise in film due to puncturing or tearing. Complete paper and film separation, and triple sealed.

Cut to size and heat or tape-seal to fit any instrument. Color indicators for steam, chemical vapor and EO gas.


1 Roll- 3″ x 100′

Price: $9.99

Crosstex Sparkle ProphyAngles

Crosstex Sparkle ProphyAngles

After consulting with hundreds of hygienists about what they liked, and disliked about most prophy angles, Crosstex created Sparkle – a smoother-running prophy angle with a brighter, more visible body and higher contrast soft cups.

Beveled gear ensures smoother running angle that won’t lock up or overheat. Flared design to improve sub gingival access and reduces splatter to minimize cross-contamination.


Patented 2nd Generation Beveled Gear Design For Superior Performance

  • – Smooth-Running
  • – Vibration-Free
  • – No Noise
  • – No Over-Heating
  • – Non-Locking


Improved Cup

  • – Dark Colored Soft Cups – Better visibility and contrast with teeth
  • – Perfect Cup Flare – Improves subgingival access
  • – Reduced Splatter – Helps minimize cross contamination
  • – 100% Latex-Free


A More Ergonomic Design

  • – Non-Slip Contour – Reduces hand fatigue and micro-traumas
  • – Light Colored Shell – For improved visibility in the mouth

100 per Box


Price: $34.99
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Crosstex Syringe Sleeve

Crosstex Syringe Sleeve

  • Clear plastic sleeve easily fits over three-way syringe, high or low speed handpieces, and/or air abrasion handpieces.
  • Reduces risk of cross-contamination from airborne aerosols.
  • Convenient pre-cut opening for easy insertion.

2.5″ x 10″ (6 x 29 cm)

500 per pack

Price: $11.20

Crosstex Tray Covers

Crosstex Tray Covers

Manufactured from a unique, heavy-weight paper stock that impedes the flow of moisture and minimizes liquid seep-through.

  • 8.5″ x 12.25″


1000 per Box

Price: $27.99
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