TDV Prophylactic Strips

TDV Prophylactic Strips

High quality perforated and highly flexible stainless steel strips for removing the tartar from the interproximal regions without damaging the enamel.


10 strips/pkg.


Price: $14.99
TDV Abrasive Strips

TDV Steel Abrasive Strips

High quality metalic abrasive strips for finishing points of contact.


10 strips/pkg.



Price: $12.87
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TDV Clear Matrices

TDV Transparent Matrices

– Reduced time of preparation, bringing more comfort to the patient and providing better quality for the restoration.

– Perfect adaptation, reestablishing the contact point due to its thickness of 0,05mm.

– Indicated for Class II procedures with composites.

– Due to its transparency, resins can be cured through the matrix.

– Available for molars and premolars, and molar deciduous.

20 Matrices/pkg.

Price: $18.29
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TDV UnimatrixR Packaging

TDV UnimatrixR Sectional Matrices

The Unimatrix R System is composed by preformed sectional matrices and reinforced rings. The preformed sectional matrices offers easiness in the reconstruction of contact points and provides natural tooth anatomy.

The rings are equipped with triangular silicone tips for a better adaptation and to bring more comfort to the patient. The reinforcement provides unparalleled strength on the dental separation and more stability on the procedure and longevity for the ring.

Unimatrix R rings come with two different tensions:

  • – Hard (Blue): Indicated for cases which require more pressure and dental separation.
  • – Soft   (Pink): Indicated for cases which require less pressure and dental separation.


Unimatrix R System (50 pack)

  • 50 assortes matrices
  • 1 Hard (blue) Ring
  • 1 Soft (pink) Ring
  • 8 silicone tips for rings


Price: $47.95



TempBond is a temporary cement for trial cementing restorations or cementing temporary crowns and bridges. TempBond and TempBond NE are available in tube delivery. TempBond withstands mastication, seals the restoration and prevents seepage, yet affords easy removal when desired.


  • 1 Tube Base (50 gm)
  • 1 Tube Catalyst (15 gm)
  • Mixing Pads


Price: $39.99

TempBond NE

TempBond NE

Temp-Bond  NE is a non-eugenol temporary cement that will not inhibit the polymerization of permanent resin cements and acrylic temporaries. TempBond NEand TempBond are available in tube delivery.


  • 1 Tube Base (50g)
  • 1 Tube Accelerator (15g)
  • Mixing Pads


Price: $37.99

TempSpan Crown & Bridge Material

TempSpan Crown & Bridge Material

TempSpan® Dual Cure Temporary Crown & Bridge Material is specifically formulated to produce highly esthetic and durable provisional restorations in the shortest time possible. The unique dual cure ability of TempSpan® C&B Material provides clinicians with the choice to light cure in 60 seconds or self cure in 2 minutes. And with seven standard shades available, TempSpan® C&B Material offers the widest range of shades available to provide you with the best possible match to natural dentition.

  • Dual cure formulation for intra-oral or extra-oral polymerization reduces chair time.
  • Outstanding physical properties ensure durable provisional restorations.
  • 7 shades provide an extensive palette to match your patient’s dentition.
  • Ideal working and setting times whether you light cure or self cure.
  • 1:1 mixing ratio for convenient dispensing with standard 50ml gun.
  • Composite formulation is easily repaired or touched up with flowable composite.



  • 1 – 50ml/80gm Cartridge
  • 15- Mixing Tips


Price: $57.99
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Transparent Crown Forms

Transparent Strip Off Crown Forms kit

Transparent Strip Off Crown Forms kit

Transparent strip crown forms can be a handy way to contour restorative material to match natural dentition. Their ability to help form a crown in both pediatric and adult dentistry can save time and simplify the crown process. These transparent strip crown forms are ideal for use with chemical and light-cured composites and should strip off easily with no residue. Another benefit of using transparent strip crown forms is the ability of the dentist to use their preferred composite for a superior esthetic and shade control.

60 pcs./kit



Price: $54.99
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VITA Shade Guide

VITA Classical Shade Guide

VITA Classical Shade Guide

For 50 years, dentists around the world have used the VITA classical (Lumin Vacuum) shade guide for their shade selection needs. The 16 shades in this revolutionary guide have earned a permanent home in the international lexicon of dental terminology; whenever a familiar shade from this invaluable guide is prescribed  (such as A2 or C1), it is for the sole purpose of providing satisfaction to both dentist and patient.

The Original VITA Shade Guide

Shades: A1 – D4

Original Features:

  • – Fully autoclavable holder and shade tabs.
  • – Improved, larger stainless steel shade tab holders for greater durability.
  • – Larger shade font for fast identification of shades.
  • – Slightly darker shaded gray holder offering improved shade assessment.


Price: $139.75
Vitrebond 3m

Vitrebond Plus

This convenient paste-liquid formula in our unique Clicker™ Dispenser offers the protection of a conventional glass ionomer liner without the mess of measuring.


– Faster, easier dispensing and the right mix every time.

– Award-winning Clicker dispenser assures a consistent mix.

– Fluoride release of a true glass ionomer.

– Excellent handling characteristics for easy placement.

– Cures in 20 seconds – a faster cure time than powder-liquid formulas.

– Delivers excellent adhesion with any dental adhesive system.

– Radiopaque.

– No additional hardware required.

Indications for Use

– Liner/Base under direct and indirect restorations, including composite, amalgam, ceramic and metal restorations.

Price: $149.00

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