Primedent Polycarboxylate Cement

Primedent Polycarboxylate Cement

Used primarily for final cementation of crowns and bridges. This luting cement has good biocompatibility, low film thickness of 13-18 microns and good insulating characteristic. Material of choice for sensitive teeth and for preparations close to the pulp.


  • 32 gm Powder
  • 17.5 ml Liquid
  • Measuring Scoop
Price: $10.99

Primedent Zinc Phosphate Cement

Primedent Zinc Phosphate Cement

A very high strength permanent cement (131MPa Compressive Strength) representing perhaps the oldest and most well accustomed cement still in use. It also provides a good insulating layer against thermal shock.

Color: Light Yellow


  • 32 gm Powder
  • 17.5 ml Liquid
  • Measuring Scoop
Price: $8.89
Pulpdent Porcelain Prep Kit

Pulpdent® Porcelain Preparation Kit

Pulpdent® Porcelain Preparation Kit

Pulpdent® contains the necessary ingredients for preparing porcelain veneers, inlays, and fractured porcelain teeth for bonding.



  • – 1.2 mL Porcelain Etch Gel
  • – 1.2 mL Koo-Dam
  • – 1.2 mL Dry-Rite
  • – 1.2 mL Silane Bond Enhancer
  • Applicator tips
  • Instructions



Price: $42.00
Excavator 14 R2024 Horizontal

Ryzzer Excavator 14 Instrument

Premium Grade German Stainless Steel

Light weight excavator with ergonomic handle and sharp edged tips for effective removal of carious dentin.


Price: $21.00
Sale! Sparkle Air Water Syringe Tips

Sparkle® Air Water Syringe Tips

  • – Requires no adaptor – locking groove ensures tip is securely installed
  • – Quad Core air channel ensures complete air/water separation
  • – Translucent colors allow for visualization of water flow/blockage
  • – Beveled edge provides increased patient comfort and safety
  • – Rounded non-scratch end prevents 0-ring damage
  • – Single-use eliminates risk of cross-contamination and cleaning of syringe between patients
  • – Quick, easy, economical


250 pack



Price: List price: $47.00 Discount: $41.50
TDV Metalic Matrices

TDV Metallic Matrices

Matrices for Class II restorations optimize the restoration quality and reduce the operative time. Their geometry and shape provide a perfect adaptation, reestablishing contact points and marginal crests. They are pre-contoured and have an incorporated fixing system that allows the regulation of the matrix according to the tooth size.

– Reduced time of preparation, bringing more comfort to the patient and providing better quality for the restoration.

– Perfect adaptation, reestablishing the contact point due to its thickness of 0,05mm.

– Indicated for Class II procedures with composites, glassionomers and amalgams.

– Available for molars and premolars.

20 Matrices/pkg.

Price: $18.29
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TDV Microcut

TDV Microcut Hack Saw

Microcut is a saw bow made of stainless steel to which saws or interchangeable sandpaper strips can be attached. It is the only device really assuring safety to the professional and the patient for the removal of resin, adhesive, cement and amalgam excesses from proximals, particularly when access to the interproximal is not possible due to the excessive amounts of filling material.

Due to its very thin blade (0.05mm) any damage to the contact points can be eliminated. Refills of saw blades and sandpaper strips are available and sold separately. All components are Autoclavable by any means at 126º C, 147kPa, 16min.


  • – It is the safest way to remove excess from the interproximal area
  • – Eliminates damage to contact points
  • – Safer and more comfortable for the patient
  • – Easy to use
  • – Saves time
  • – Cost effective
  • – Autoclavable


Kit Includes:

  • – 1 Microcut Frame/Bow
  • – 1 Saw Blade
  • – 1 Diamond Strips


Price: $39.95
TDV Microcut Saw Refill

TDV Microcut Interproximal Saw Refills

Interproximal Saw strip refills for TDV Microcut.

5- strips/pkg



Price: $16.30
TDV Microcut Manual

TDV Microcut Manual Serrated Strip

Manual handling serrated strip to remove excess of any type of filling materials from the interproximal areas, without breaking the contact point due to its thickness of only 0.05mm.



Price: From: $7.98
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TDV Microcut Sanding Blade Refill

TDV Microcut Sanding Blade Refills

Sanding strip refills for TDV Microcut.


5- strips/pkg



Price: $16.30