Sale! Nic Tone Dental Dam

Nic Tone Dental Dam

Nic Tone Dental Dam is a professional premium dental dam for the isolation of a single tooth or entire arch. Allows ample vision due to its contrasting color. It prevents cross contamination by preventing dental material and instruments from falling into oral cavity.


  • – Stretches up to 800% without tearing
  • – Low in proteins and powders
  • – Color contrasting
  • – Positive influence on the area of concentration
  • – Adjusts to the retraction of soft tissue
  • – Superior resistance and flexibility
  • – Made from refined latex


5″x5″ (52 sheets)

6″x6″ (36 sheets)

  • Color: Green
  • Thickness: Medium


Price: From: List price: $16.99 Discount: $13.49
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Occlude Aerosol

Occlude Aerosol

<h2>Occlude Aerosol</h2>

Occlude Aerosol (Green) for Articulating Marking.

-Locates bite high spots, aids in seating crowns, bridges, and inlays.

-Clearly marks all tooth surfaces and all types of restorative materials.

-Contains artificial color. All components are safe for ingestion.

-No CFC’s

-Net Contents: 23 g


Price: $18.49
Optragate 3D Retractor

OptraGate 3D Lip Retractor

OptraGate 3D Lip Retractor

OptraGate is an auxiliary aid that enables the treatment field to be enlarged easily, effectively and comfortably. It allows lips and cheeks to be retracted completely and ensures relative isolation.

In most cases, the retraction of the lips and cheeks with additional cumbersome equipment is not required. In addition, the lips are completely covered and therefore protected. The three-dimensional elasticity of the lip and cheek retractor allows unimpeded jaw movements during the entire procedure. Consequently, OptraGate can remain in place from the beginning right to the end of the procedure.

OptraGate is entirely latex-free and can therefore be used in patients with latex allergies. It can be simply and quickly inserted and removed by a single person without the need for additional assistance. OptraGate is available in two adult sizes: “Regular” and “Small”.



  • – Considerably Enlarged Access
  • – Enhanced Patient Comfort
  • – Wide Range of Indications



  • 80- retractors



Price: $121.99
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Sale! ParaPost Taperlux Intro Kit

ParaPost Taper Lux® Posts

ParaPost TaperLux Posts are the alternative to metal posts when metal-free, tapered restorations are desired. They are made of translucent fiber resin material that reflects the natural hues of the tooth and eliminates shadows through composite restorations at the gingival/crown interface and allows for cementation with light, dual, or self-cured resin cements. The .04 tapered end provides a closer fit and requires less removal of apical dentin in narrow canals. ParaPost Taper Lux Posts use tapered ParaPost Drils.


Intro Kit includes:

  • (5) Size 4.5 posts, (1) Taper Lux Drills
  • (5) Size 5 posts, (1) Taper Lux Drills
  • (3) Size 5.5 Posts, (1) Taper Lux Drills
  • (2) Size 6 Posts, (1) Taper Lux Drills
  • (1) Drill of every size, (1) Taper Lux Drills
  • (1) Universal Hand Driver




Price: List price: $319.99 Discount: $242.00

PerioBond Surgical Cement

PerioBond Surgical Cement

Due to its non-eugenol composition, Periobond ® causes no irritation, discomfort or allergic reactions in the patient, sensitive regions of the oral mucosa, as well as allowing more rapid healing. Periobond ® is a pink paste which has good plasticity and smooth surface after hardening.


  • – 1 Tube Base (90g)
  • – 1 Tube Accelerator (90g)
Price: $35.99

Pola Office Whitening System (3 Patients)

Pola Office Whitening System (3 Patients)

Pola Office is a simple in-office advanced whitening system with minimal chair time required – whiter teeth are achieved in just 30 minutes. Pola office’s unique desensitizing properties inhibit patient post-operative sensitivity.

 Pola Office uses a 35% hydrogen peroxide formula to give you and your patients quick and efficient results without excessive time wasted chairside.

Built in Desensitizer
Pola Office contains potassium nitrate, a known desensitizing agent. It acts on the nerve endings by blocking transmission of sensitive nerve impulses and providing a calming effect.

No Bleaching Light Required
No light is required to accomplish effective results. However, any heat emitting curing light will accelerate the bleaching process to achieve results in just 30 minutes.

Flexible Gingival Barrier
Pola Office’s flexible gingival barrier allows for a quick and clean removal.

Price: $129.99
Poly Crown Kit

Polycarbonate Crowns Kit

Polycarbonate Crowns Kit

This complete set includes Upper/Lower and Left/Right Central, lateral, Cuspid, Bicuspid, and Anterior Crowns. They will not crack, split, shatter or chip. Can be easily scissor-trimmed, contoured, crimped, and polished. Its thin design prevents gingival irritation. It may be cemented with any plastic, zinc-oxide, or orthophosphate cement.


180 Crowns (3 of each size)

Price: $49.99
Poly Crown Refills

Polycarbonate Crowns Refills

Polycarbonate Crowns Refills

These Polycarbonate crowns will not crack, split, shatter or chip. Can be easily scissor-trimmed, contoured, crimped, and polished. Its thin design prevents gingival irritation. It may be cemented with any plastic, zinc-oxide, or orthophosphate cement.


10/pk (one size)

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Price: $7.99
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Porcelain Etch Gel Kit

Porcelain Etch Gel Kit

9.6% Hydrofluoric Acid

A one-minute application etches porcelain crowns, veneers, inlays and fractured porcelain surfaces prior to bonding. This superior quality porcelain etch gel will not stain porcelain, composites or resin cements.

Does not stain ceramic or composites

One-minute etch

Thixotropic – stays where placed

Buffered formula

Washes off easily

Price: $42.00
PrimeDent Glassionomer Cement

PrimeDent Glass Ionomer Cement

PrimeDent Glass Ionomer Cement

An advanced formulation designed as a multipurpose final cement for the cementation of crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays, as well as certain orthodontic applications.


  • – 18g Powder
  • – 17.5 ml Liquid
  • – Measuring Scoop
  • – Mixing Pads




Price: $17.99