Flow-It ALC Value Pack

Flow-It ALC Flowable Composite Value Pack

Flow-It ALC Flowable Composite Value Pack

A versatile flowable composite with flexural and tensile strengths comparable to the best hybrid composites. Accelerated Light Cure (ALC) with excellent handling capabilities and just the right viscosity make it easy to use in an extensive range of applications.

Value Pack Includes:

  • 6- 1ml (1.5gm) Syringes
  • Intra-Oral Tips


Price: $62.95
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Sale! Gluma 2bond

Gluma 2Bond

Prime, bond, and desensitize in a single step. This one-bottle, light-cured, ethanol-based 5th generation adhesive bonds composite and amalgam to dentin; also bonds indirect restorations (ceramic crowns, inlays and onlays) when used with light cure or dual cure luting cements.

1- 4ml Bottle



Price: List price: $119.00 Discount: $87.50
Sale! Gluma Desensitizer

Gluma Desensitizer

Glutaraldehyde/HEMA formula acts in seconds to seal dentinal tubules, preventing the fluidshifting recognized as the primary cause of localized hypersensitivity. No mixing, no curing, no repetitive steps. Gluma also inhibits the growth of bacteria, which is indicated as a cause of sensitivity.

1- 5ml Bottle


Price: List price: $125.25 Discount: $59.95
Sale! Gradia Direct X Composite

Gradia Direct X Unitip Refill

GRADIA DIRECT X has the same great handling you’ve come to love from GRADIA DIRECT; it now has 60% more radiopacity. GRADIA DIRECT X simplifies your aesthetic restorations by combining smooth handling, durability and high polishability into a single, universal composite. This product has been designed to provide excellent wear resistance and ‘natural feel” in the mouth without wearing away opposing enamel.

  • Excellent wear resistance – won’t wear away opposing enamel
  • Extremely low polymerization shrinkage stress for reduced post-operative sensitivity
  • Activated filler particles strengthen matrix for increased fracture toughness
  • Smooth handling for easy placement
  • Sculptable and brushable


  • (20) 3 gr. capsules


Price: From: List price: $110.00 Discount: $87.50
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Lime-Lite Cavity Liner

Lime-Lite™ Cavity Liner

Lime-Lite™ Cavity Liner

Fluoride releasing • Radiopaque • Universal Shade

Contains Hydroxyapatite in a urethane dimethacrylate resin

Specially formulated for use with adhesives, composites and traditional restorative materials, Lime-Lite contains hydroxyapatite in a urethane dimethacrylate resin. It releases calcium, hydroxyl, phosphate and fluoride ions, which are known to be beneficial to tooth structure, to stimulate secondary dentin formation and to have cariostatic properties.

  • Light cure base/liner – sets extremely hard
  • Chemically bonds to adhesives and composites
  • Releases favorable calcium, hydroxyl, phosphate and fluoride ions
  • Stimulates secondary dentin formation
  • Insoluble in water and oral fluids
  • Convenient syringe dispensing


Mfg #: LIME


  • 4- 1.2mL syringes


Price: $43.95
Sale! Luminary 3.0 Curing Light

Luminary 3.0 Curing Light

Luminary 3.0 Turbo Curing Light is a wireless powerful curing light that delivers a steady light power consistency.

With a light output of 1000mW/cm2-2500mW/cm2 it can deliver a strong TURBO MODE 2500mW/cm2/


Cure 2mm resins in just one second!

Swivel Light Probe 360 degree rotation.

  • – Working Modes: Low or High
  • – 6 time settings: 1 sec., 3 sec., 5 sec., 10 sec., 15 sec., and 20 sec.
  • – Battery Life 400 (10 second cures) with one charge
  • – Strong Turbo Mode 2500mW/cm2
  • – Light output 7000mW/cm2-2500mW/cm2
  • – Lithium battery with CB certification ensures safety and reliability.


Price: List price: $325.00 Discount: $249.00
Master-Dent Diamond Polishing Paste

Master-Dent Diamond Polishing Paste

Master-Dent Diamond Polishing Paste

Master-Dent Diamond Polishing Paste represents an ultimate solution for restoring original smoothness to dental ceramics after making repairs, adjustments, etc. Designed for both intra-oral and extra-oral use. It is based on high purity, non-toxic ingredients. A polyglycol base of controlled molecular weight prevents splattering and facilitates wash-out without staining tissue. The abrasive contents consists of pure diamond powder whose particle size distribution has been selected for best efficiency and optimum gloss. The best way to apply the paste is with felt polishing accessories.

3g. syringe


Price: $21.95

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Master-Dent Polishing Paste

Master-Dent Polishing Paste

Master-Dent Polishing Paste

Non-Diamond polishing paste is ideal for polishing composite restoratives, amalgams, and castings. This material will not dry out or change in consistency. Cohesive and non-splattering; will stay where you want it. Totally water soluble. Easily washes off teeth; cleans up and rinses off completely.

5 g. Syringe


Price: $10.49

Matrix Band

Matrix Band

All stainless steel, Tofflemire Type Matrix Bands.

Bag of 12 pieces x .0015″

Price: $0.99
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Sale! MAtrix Retainer

Matrix Band Retainer

Stainless Steel Matrix band holder.



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