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Minimally Invasive Implant Integrated System For Edentulous.

Despite advances in preventive dentistry, edentulism is still a major public health problem worldwide. It has repercussions in self-esteem, eating and a severe decrease in the patient’s quality of life. Most of the aging edentulous population is medically, financially and anatomically compromised. This doesn´t allow to carry out a standard rigorous conventional implant therapy, nor let implant dentistry serve the community as routinely as desired. Easy2Fix, a unique dental implant system was developed to overcome the surgical trauma, the lack of adequate bone volume and its elevated cost by using small diameter guided implants with biomechanical enhanced primary stability, allowing immediate and long lasting denture stabilization. The design has been validated by biomechanical testing and clinical randomized controlled trials published in international journals of implant dentistry. Its survival rate is 97.8% and bone loss is 0.92 mm after 4 years. If we eliminate frequent smokers from this study (more than 20 cigarettes/ day) the survival rate reaches 100%. However, the most relevant publication in 2012, showed how this minimally invasive Easy2Fix System improved people’s quality of life. This system includes a new 3D surgical guide. This three-dimensional implant positioning in bone tissue with standard prefabricated guides does not require computerized scanners. The procedure takes 15 minutes and there is no recovery period for the patient, allowing immediate function without the typical risks associated with other surgical implants, it provides a very precise standardized protocol, useful for general practitioners and beginners. The Easy2Fix system, offering the most cost-effective solution in one dentist’s session, is the perfect solution for edentulous patients.

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