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Implant Material


Cortex uses Titanium Alloy Ti 6AI-4V ELI, a material proven to be highly successful in the fabrication of dental implants.
Ti 6AI-4V ELI is a dense, strong material that resembles bone. Its mechanical strength (40% stronger than grade 4) allows flexibility in implant design geometry. Ti 6AI-4V ELI is highly resistant to corrosion as it spontaneously and immediately forms a stable, continuous, tightly adherent oxide film upon exposure to oxygen in air or water, which protects the underlying metal from further oxidation and corrosion.

Surface Treatment
The surface roughness and microgeometry of the implants are achieved by sandblasting with AI2O3, followed by etching with a combination of acids, a process which also creates a greater envelope surface and improves the interlocking between mineralized bone and implant surface while modifying the surface chemistry.

Implant material

Laboratory Tests
Cortex carries out all the necessary laboratory tests and trials to assure that production is of the highest possible quality. Cortex aspires to achieve mutual cooperation with academic institutions worldwide and invests efforts and resources in testing and research to achieve maximum validation and verification of products.

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